2015 F-16 & Proven Aircraft World Wide Review

F-16 and Proven Aircraft Technical Coordination Group (TCG) tcg-wwr
World Wide Review (WWR)
September 14 – 16, 2015 in Ogden, Utah
See P.A.R.T.S. Inc. at Booths 25 & 26

The F-16 and Proven Aircraft Technical Coordination Groups (TCGs) are part of the AFMC managed Technical Coordination Program (TCP). TCGs provide follow-on sustainment support services (technical, engineering, and logistics assistance) for aircraft, missile, precision attack pods, and related equipment owned by various Partner Nations (PNs).

The Proven Aircraft TCG provides technical support to PNs flying the F-5, F-4, A/T-37, and T-38 aircraft. The F-16 TCG provides the same service to PNs flying all variants of the F-16. The Worldwide Review (WWR) is the capstone service provided by the TCG each year allowing all member countries to gather in one location to discuss common configuration/maintenance/and logistics issues and meet with qualified vendors, USG Engineers, Equipment Specialists and Program Managers for possible solutions.