Parts And Repair Technical Services, Inc. currently has a contract with the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) to provide F-15 Flight Line Training. We have approximately 30 employees at King Abdulaziz Air Base in Dhahran. Our task is to train, assist, and actively advise the RSAF in the accomplishment of identified Organizational Level maintenance. This training is accomplished using a combination of English language training (basic and technical terminology), formal classroom instruction and Structured On-The-Job-Training. The objective of training is to provide the necessary skills to independently maintain the RSAF F-15 at the specified Organizational Level of maintenance.

Training PhotoIn addition to this contract P.A.R.T.S., Inc. has proposed to expand this training to the Intermediate Level to assist the RSAF with their back shops. P.A.R.T.S., Inc. hopes to be awarded this additional training responsibility and expand this program by June 2010. The types of training for both the Organization and Intermediate Levels are as follows:

1) Production Analysis
2) Pneudraulics Systems
3) Egress Systems
4) Fuels Systems
5) Metals Technology (Sheet Metal & Machinist)
6) Structural Repair & Corrosion Control
7) Non-Destructive InspectionTraining
8) Environmental & Electrical Systems
9) Phase Dock & Aero Repair
10) Aerospace Ground Equipment
11) F-15 Munitions
12) F-15 Armament
13) Engine System
14) Attack Control Systems (A Shop)
15) Auto Flight Controls (B-Shop)
16) Comm Nav / ECM (C-Shop)
17) Material Control
18) Hydraulics
19) Aerospace Ground Equipment
20) Quality Control
21) English Language Training